CODECs (video compression files)

What is a Codec?
A codec is a method of compressing video to a file suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer. Avi, Mpeg, Wmv, Asf  and other video is compressed with many different codecs depending on the needs of the users.


50mgThis is the most comprehensive package of codecs available.  To see a complete list of the contents of this package, Click Here.  This is the latest and greatest release of famous ACE Mega Codecs Pack. In this codec pack you will find plenty of useful Codecs (Coders/Decoders), Media Player Filters, Media Players and other Utilities. Also added, Authoring Tools for video watching, audio and video processing. In Add-On Pack you can find Authoring Tools for content creation.
Basic Codecs required

14.6mgThis file contains all the basic codecs any PC should need to play most movie or sound files.  The zip file includes 10 codecs that can easily be installed on any Windows system.
I263 Codec

Windows 95/98 – I263 is an older codec and most people have abandoned its use although the video quality is quite nice.  This is  an Intel audio and video codec.  A must have in case you run onto older video files.

Windows – Contains the MP4, MP42, and MP43 decompressors. If you should install this codec and mpeg4 video still will not run on your system, delete mpg4c32.dll and (if it exists) in your C:\windows\system\ directory and then reinstall the mpeg4 codec.
  If you have problems installing the mpeg4 codec or you would like to be able to encode mpeg4 avi and asf video, get Windows Media Tools.
DIVX 3 & 4 Codec

Windows – Decompressor for avi files encoded with the divx codec. Contains the div3 and div4 decompressors.
DivX 5 Codec

This decompressor for AVI files includes all the playback and encoding functionality necessary to watch and create DivX videos. And what’s more, it’s completely free for download!
Indeo Video Codecs

Contains the Indeo IR3*, IV4*, and IV5* codecs. Recently the Ligos Corporation took over Indeo video development from Intel Architecture Labs. They have updated Indeo Video to Indeo Video 5.11 and will continue to develop the technology in the future. Please visit the Ligos Corporations website for more information and support.
Cinepak Codec

This will install the Cinepak codec on your system including the vids:cvid decompressor. This codec is not widely used anymore but there are still alot of movies floating around the net that were encoded with Cinepak. This will enable you to view them.
Quick Time Codecs
You will need to visit APPLE’s
web site for these Codecs.
Windows Media Audio V2 Codec


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