DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator 3.6.2

Publisher’s description of DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator

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DJ Tone

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DJ ToneXpress lets you make unlimited customized real music ringtones from MP3, WMA, AAC/MP4, WAV, OGG files and Audio CDs plus make wallpapers or choose from pre-made ringtones, too (see below). The 3 step Ringtone Creation Wizard guides you through music selection, ringtone editing and upload to phone. View the music sound wave graphically, use the zoom feature to achieve optimal start and stop points and use fade in/out. Easy, Simple & Quick: the whole process requires only a few clicks from music selection to your ready to use ringtone. Plus, you can post ringtones you create on your MySpace, Hi5 or other social network/blog.The ringtone can be transmitted OTA to your phone or downloaded to your PC. There are NO subscriptions or hidden fees. DJ ToneXpress works in more than 50 countries & with nearly ever mobile phone brand and model that support real music ringtones, but test your phone compatibility prior to buying license. Live Chat Customer Support.

Version 3.6.2 includes: new free plug-ins, such as: send free sms messages within the USA; choose from 2,500 pre-made ringtones and wallpapers; compress full songs to fit on your mobile phone; make customized wallpapers.

Download Now (2.8MB)


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