Mobile Softwares for 3rd gen ( N ser ) part13

Application Screen Shot

Filename / Description

ALON.Mp3 Dictaphone 1.17

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

Latest Version of ALON Mp3 Dictaphone. Supporting some new Audio formats and some bugs fixed up.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!


3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

Not much good but still could be kept as an alternate Antivirus in your handset, as no one knows when & which virus it catches up, so its always good to keep alternates too.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Handy Keylock 3.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

Handy Keylock is a MUST have software which is really very handy as it Auto Locks the keypad after a specified time. Nice tool, must have 🙂

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Zensis Photorite 6.11

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

A good photo managing software. This is the latest and up-to-date version of famous Photorite series.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Oxford English Dictionary 3.01

3250,N80,N91,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

Here we bring the working version of long awaited Oxford English Dictionary. Please read the txt file to know how to make it fully working.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!


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