Mobile Softwares for 3rd gen ( N ser ) part16

Application Screen Shot

Filename / Description

Lonelycat Games X-plore 1.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

X-plore is another Shot from Lonelycatgames (the developers of Smartmovie Player). This softwares beats far off the FExplorer which was much popular. X-plore 1.0 is Final version till date. A Great File Managing Software. Recommended!

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Mobile Task 1.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95 etc

Using mobile task you can start/stop any Utility automatically e.g. starting an application (radio) in morning and shutting down at app at night (radio). This app can be used in many ways.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Ultra IM 1.33

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95 etc

Ultra IM is another option for using Msn Messenger on your handset.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Mobile Office 1.10

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95 etc

Mobile Office 1.10 opens .odt (text) .ods (spreadsheet) and .odp (presentation) files. This is the only software which supports these file formats in Mobiles.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Hadith Reader (Basic)

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95 etc

Hadith Reader (Basic) is the Demo version. But still includes some use full Hadith which might be useful for you. Check it out!

DoWnLoAd NoW…!


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