Mobile Softwares for 3rd gen ( N ser ) part20

Application Screen Shot

Filename / Description

Stopwatch Plus 1.02

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95,N81 etc

A stop watch, count down and reminder. All in one in this application.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Windows Live Messenger 1.0.6141

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95,N81 etc

Finally, fully working version of Windows Live Messenger. Looks very very cool, and reliable, with good visual feeling. Simply this one is the best Msn Messenger application available till date.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Islamic Organizer 2.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95,N81, N82 etc

Islamic Organizer is a must have software, which have Real Aazaan and perfect quality application.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Cricket Companion

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95,N81, N82 etc

Get Live scoreboard of cricket matches on your handset. Really working, and great a great piece of software for Cricket Fans. No matter where you are, you can get Live Cricket matches score board and recent matches results.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

LCG Slick 0.36

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61,N95,N81, N82 etc

This is a software by Lonely Cat Games. A chat client supporting multiple services, e.g. Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ etc. This is another alternate application for chat softwares.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!


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