Mobile Softwares for 3rd gen ( N ser ) part9

Application Screen Shot

Filename / Description

Auto Message

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

 AutoMsg sends messages at a specified time. Just type in a message and set a time and AutoMsg will automatically send and sms to that person at that time.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Best Message Storer 1.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

A Simple Utility to manage your sms messages.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Woman Mobile 2.0

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

A Cool tool for Woman, they can manage almost everything they want by using this calendar e.g. daily life things.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Turbo MSN 1.03

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

No Comments, simply one of the best dedicated msn messenger.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!

Best Blacklist

3250,N80,N92,N93,N72,N73,E61 etc

Block,Ban or Blacklist any caller you want.

DoWnLoAd NoW…!


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